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City's Solar Production Readings from Your Home

We are the first city that has implemented renewable energy to the extent that our city has.  With our available green space and a goal of controlling energy costs while enhancing the quality of life in our community, we made a conscious and calculated move to implement this technology in ways that other communities have not.  

We also worked closely with Johnson Melloh to do things differently from others.  Where feasible, we installed our panel on the roofs of our buildings, freeing up land and its potential use.  The roof installations have also proved to blend into its natural landscape easily and, in some cases, will never be noticed unless you are intentionally looking for them.

Once again, we are advancing in the solar arena by capturing and communicating energy production to the public.  We now have available a link you can access from your home to see production from some (not all) of our units.  This new edition gives you the view of today's production as well as last week, month, and year.  It also provides information about the project and how solar works. 

You can access this from our main menu by selecting 'Residents' then 'Solar Production' or by selecting 'Learn More' at the bottom of this article.  While this is not the end game we seek in our communication efforts regarding solar, it is a great start.

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