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Are you wanting to host a 5K race?  Or, maybe setup your first disc golf tournament?  The possibilites are endless for creating a memorable event that others will love.

If you would like to host an event in the city, we would love to hear about your idea and assist you in any way that we can.  Simply fill out the form below, click submit and someone from our events area will contact you.  If you know that you need a certain location or use of the city stage for your event, please check out our festival and events calendar and our rented facilities calendar to be sure the desired date and property is avaiable.

Please note that some events may require city council approval or mayor approval before decisions are final.  We are happy to help you through that process.

Proposed Date of Festival/Event:

Start Time: 
End Time:    

Name of Applicant:



Location of Event:
Requesting Use of from City: 

Streets to be Affected:   

Number of People Expected to Attend:  

Will you need barracades?    YES     NO

Will Alcohol be Available?     YES     NO

Will Live Music or DJ be Performing at Live Event?    YES     NO

Will you need electricity to event?    YES    NO

Will you need security/police assistant with crown control or directing traffic for event?
  YES    NO

I have read and understand all rules concerning festivals and special events in the
City of North Venron.

I understand that by submitting this request, it does not guarentee use of property or selected items.  The City of North Vernon will notify you if further details will be needed prior to city approval and have provided the correct contact details above.  


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