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Our city directory helps you find the department information you are looking for.  While it's not an employee search, it is designed to get you to the department that you are looking for.  For faster results, please use our search feature that allows you to type in the department name, profession or name of individual to find who or what you are looking for.

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Department Name Name Profession Email Phone
Office of the Mayor Shawn Gerkin Mayor (812) 346-3789
Aiport Ryan Curry Director of Operations (812)-346-1496
Clerk-Treasurer Charlie Weber Office of the Clerk-Treasurer (812) 346-5907
Parks and Recreation Chad Speer Director (812)-346-9371
Water Utility Cara Byerley Utility Manager (812) 346-4691
Water Treament William Spencer Department Supervisor (812)-346-2037
Police Keith Messer Chief of Police (812)-346-1466
Fire Mike Cole Office of the Chief (812)-346-3300
Golf Robin Brown St. Anne's Golf Director (812)-346-0066
Wasterwater Treatment Russell Vaught Department Supervisor (812)-346-1496
Education Training Center Elise Allen Manager (812)-352-1894
Office of the Mayor Tara Thormin Administrative Assistant (812)-346-3789
City Attorney Larry Greathouse Lawyer (812)-346-2139
Police Adam Driver Sergeant (812)-346-1466
Police Lucas Newsom Sergeant (812)-346-1466
Police Issac Barkes Segeant (812)-346-1466
Police Austin Grunden Sergeant (812) 346-1466
Police Seth Beville SRO (812) 346-1466
Street Department Garrie Ritchie Street Commissioner (812)-346-1616
Police Craig Kipper Detective (812)-346-1466
Police Todd Beam Captain (812)-346-1466
Street Department Gary Williams Street Assistant (812)-346-1616