Our Education Platforms

Together with Jennings County, the City of North Vernon has 8 surrounding schools that serve the community.  Our schools are forging forward as collective unit, focused on strengthening and empowering our students for a brighter future.  From school rooms to athletics, from trade schools to entreprenuers, our student's dreams and talents are utliized to their fullest pototential to discover a life that they dream to live.  With our kids, we believe all things are truely possible.

Jennings County School District
34 West Main Street, North Vernon, IN 47265
812.346.4483 |
Superintendent: Dr. Teresa Brown

Jennings County High School
800 West Walnut St., North Vernon, IN 47265
812.346.5588  |
Principle: Dustin Roller

Jennings County Middle School
820 West Walnut St., North Vernon, IN 47265
812.346.4940  |
Principle: Jeanie Koelmel

North Vernon Elementary
810 W. Walnut, North Vernon, IN 47265
812.346.4903  |
Principal: Nick Hill

Hayden Elementary
55 CR. South 85, Hayden, IN 47265
812.346/2813  |
Superintendent: Carrie Manowitz

Graham Creek Elementary
7910 S. County Road 90 W., Commiskey, IN 47265
812.346.4179  |
Principal: Todd Hearne

Scipio Elementary
6320 N. State Hwy 7, Scipio, IN 47265
1.888.492.7543  |
Principal: Stephanie Eaton

Brush Creek Elementary
4275 E. U.S. Hwy 50, North Vernon, IN 47265
812.458.6582  |
Principal: Floyd Bowman

Private/Parochial Schools
St. Mary’s Catholic School
209 Washington St, North Vernon, IN 47265
Principal:  Lisa Vogel

Ivy Tech Community College
1200 W County Rd 150 N, North Vernon, IN 47265