Municipal Code

What is a City Ordinance?

An ordinance is: A law or an act of a city, municipality or local government agency. City Councils have authority to pass ordinances through the Municipal Home Rule Act IC 36-1-3, as long as these ordinances do not conflict with the laws and Constitution of the State of Indiana or of the United States. It is the most binding form of action a City Council can take. Violating an ordinance may be a misdemeanor unless an ordinance makes it an infraction.

The City of North Vernon Code of Ordinances is the city's primary code. Secondary codes include other codes adopted by reference (e.g. international building code, animal control, etc.) Adopting by reference means adopting a code that another agency such as the county or the state has previously written and adopted.

Ordinances are codified and become part of the municipal code after the City Council's second reading and adoption.

All zoning ordinances, including subdivision ordinances for the City of North Vernon are maintained by  Area Plan Commission through Jennings County.  You can obtain those ordinances online here.  Or, you may call their office at 812.352.3005.

In reference to the documents listed below, in 2016 the City of North Vernon hired American Legal Publishing Corporation to assemble our code of ordinances into a book.  Our ordinances are categorized below with the electronic book in one category (ordinance booklet) and  the other category (ordinances-additional) with ordinances  that have been approved and passed after the book was published.

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Ordinance Booklet13 documents

  • OrdiananceBooklet-Cover Page.pdf
    document _recordid 26
  • OrdinanceBooklet-Table of Contents.pdf
    document _recordid 27
  • OrdinanceBooklet-Title 1 General Provisions.pdf
    document _recordid 29
  • OrdinanceBooklet-Title 3 Administration.pdf
    document _recordid 30
  • OrdinanceBooklet-Title 5 Public Works.pdf
    document _recordid 31
  • OrdinanceBooklet-Title 7 Traffice Code.pdf
    document _recordid 32
  • OrdinanceBooklet-Title 9 General Regulations.pdf
    document _recordid 33
  • OrdinanceBooklet-Title 13 General Offenses.pdf
    document _recordid 35
  • OrdinanceBooklet-Title 15 Land Usage.pdf
    document _recordid 36
  • OrdinanceBooklet-Index.pdf
    document _recordid 37
  • OrdinanceBooklet-Parallel References.pdf
    document _recordid 38
  • OrdinanceBooklet-Table of Special Ordinances.pdf
    document _recordid 39
  • OrdinanceBooklet-Title 11 Business Regulations.pdf
    document _recordid 41

Ordinances- Additional18 documents

20171 document

  • Ordinance 962-2017 Vacating Part of New Street.pdf
    document _recordid 48

20187 documents

  • Ordianace 970-2018 Increase in Water Rates.pdf
    document _recordid 50
  • Ordinance 898 970 Clarifying and Ammending.pdf
    document _recordid 51
  • Ordinance 969-2018 Fees Associated in Public Right of Ways.pdf
    document _recordid 52
  • Ordinance 971-2018 Monthly Billing Fees for Services.pdf
    document _recordid 53
  • Ordinance 972-2018 Vacating Part of Popular Street.pdf
    document _recordid 54
  • Ordinance 973-2018 Local Income Tax Uses.pdf
    document _recordid 55
  • Ordinance 977-2018 Festival and Special Events Committee.pdf
    document _recordid 56

20195 documents

  • Ordinance 983-2019 Prohibited Parking High Street.pdf
    document _recordid 57
  • Ordinance 984-2019 West Walnut Speed Limit.pdf
    document _recordid 58
  • Ordinance 985-2019 Use of Recreation Vehicles.pdf
    document _recordid 59
  • Ordinance 986-2019 Golf Recreation Bord.pdf
    document _recordid 60
  • Ordinance 990-2019 Animal Control.pdf
    document _recordid 370

2020No documents

20214 documents

  • Ordinance 1004-2021 Water Rates.pdf
    document _recordid 618
  • Ordinance 1005-2021 Sewer Rates.pdf
    document _recordid 619
  • Ordinance 1006-2021 Stormwater Rates.pdf
    document _recordid 620
  • Amended Ordinance 846-2021.pdf
    document _recordid 621

20221 document

  • Amended Ordinance No. 846
    document _recordid 776