Recommended Gear

Recommended Gear for Play

For the casual player, grab some frisbess out of the garage and just go play.  Have fun.  See if you like it.  Invite your family and friends.  Make a day of it.

However, if you are looking for go a step beyond just a casual beginner then you might want to consider purchasing what's call discs.  They look very similar to frisbess but as you will find in your search you will quickly notices that they are not.

While not mandatory, you will likely need three different types of discs: drivers, mid-range and putter.  You can buy you discs seperately or as a starter set.

Driver Discs
Distance Drivers, as their name suggests, have the greatest potential to travel the greatest distance. However, they require the greatest speed to travel true to their intended flight characteristics. Distance drivers have wider rims and sharper noses, so they might not be the best choice for younger players, newer players, or players with slower arm speeds.

Mid-Range Discs
Midranges are a great disc to choose as your first disc. Midranges often offer straighter flights and won’t vary from their intended flight to the degree that fairway and distance drivers will if thrown errantly. Midranges have smaller rims that feel comfortable in most people’s hands and often have slightly deeper inner rims than drivers do. Midranges are very helpful for navigating narrow fairways and landing approaches close to the basket.

Putters are the deepest, slowest, disc golf discs and have the thinnest rims. Putters are intended to fly shorter distances and on straighter lines. Putters are the slowest spinning discs, so they have less potential to deviate off line. While putters are made to go in the basket, they’re also less likely to fly too far beyond the basket. Along with developing a good short game, a player’s use of putters is extremely important to scoring well.

As you grow in the knowledge of the game, you will learn that there are many more types of discs to learn about.  The most important things about discs is to know what the discs are for and are a match to your intended use.   All discs are designed for certain functions. 

Disc golf discs are come in all different weights.  Lighter weight discs travel further but are affected by wind and heavier disc do not go as far and are steady in the wing.  It is recommended to find a disc that is best suited for your arm strength.  Beginners are recommended to have lighter weighted discs.  do want to have the right discs for your stage of play.  You also might consider a bag to carry your discs in.

You can find more information and where to purchase your discs and bags by using your favorite search engine to let the research begin.