Our Course

Tripton Park Disc Golf Course

Our Course
  • There are two sets of Tee’s, a “Long” and a “Short”.
  • Tees are constructed of 4’x8’ concrete pads.
  • Typically, play the “Short” tees (the front 9) then circle back to play the “Long” tees (the back 9) for a 18 hole round. 
  • All holes are Par 3.
  • Download  course map and scorecards
Hole #1
Starts just south of the playground, parallel to the railroad tracks and plays counterclockwise
Disc Golf Hole 1 Full

Hole #2
Is right off of hole #1, all up hill and a bit to your left
hole 2

Hole #3
All the pollinator areas and water ditch on Hole#3 are a hazard, adding one ‘stroke’ and laying out at entry point- no closer to the hole.
Disc Golf

Hole #4


Hole #5

Hole #6
Hole #7
Hole #8
Hole #9