Our City Highlights

The City of North Vernon is located in south central Indiana in Jennings County.  The city boasts ample outdoor spaces to enjoy activities like golf, kayaking, fishing, wooded trails for walking, running and biking, several different styles of parks and a brand swimming facility.   

Nestled along the winding banks of the Muscatatuck River the city enjoys all four seasons of the year making it a very attractive place for outdoor enthusiast and for those who desiring to raise a family.  We experience temperatures on average in the high 80s and 90s in the summer months to a very chilling 32 to 0 degrees in the winter.

The city has undergone some major renovations and upgrades throughout the last decade.  Some of those changes include a plaza located in the heart of downtown that host some of our more well know events, like Christmas in the City.  We have a paved one mile walking trail that connects the downtown city to the Muscatatuck Park.   Also listed among those changes are new sidewalks in our downtown area as well as ADA compliance.

One of our most notable upgrades throughout the city is with solar energy.  We have extensively transitioned our city buildings and street lights to utilize solar energy to help offset high rising energy cost.  This project was divided into two phases, lower energy cost through led replacement in all of our city buildings and street lights.  The second phase was to install solar in all capable city buildings so that our usage throughout city government would pull from solar and not through traditional electric means.  This effort has been acknowledge by several environmental groups and other community at large.  While there is a great advantage of seeing the benefits of solar today, those in the next generation will see the greatest giving them more freedom from traditional electricity rates and excess funds from the savings that solar energy will bring.  We are excited in the bold direction this city has taken towards a freer future for our children and beyond.

We also are a community rich in over a 100 acres of parks.  One of the most notable and highly utilized park is the Muscatatuck Park.  Only steps away from our downtown area this park is unique in that it is an  extreme sports park that hosts rock climbing, biking, wooded & scenic running trails, sand volleyball, camping, shelter houses all nestled alongside with beautiful views of the Muscatatuck River.  Don't forget to stop by Vinegar Mill while at the park and head on down to the stair of Vinegar Miller to enjoy wading in the river and skipping rocks just like years of past.  There are also several spots to sit and soak up nature along the river.

In addition to Muscatatuck park, we also have Tripton Park, Selmier State Forestry, and our City Park which hosts many baseball tournaments and leagues throughout the year.  You can find more about our parks in the things to do section as well.

The city of North Vernon also owns their state of the art airport which feature fueling station, well maintained hanger space boasting heated floors and customer service that is out of this world.

If you are looking to find out more happenings in our city check out our city calendar.  To get involved in the governmental affairs and decisions of our community, you can find the latest team meeting, commissions or board details here .  For city council details agendas and meeting minutes click here.

Additional details about our community that you might like to know:

  • A desirable city surrounded by many outdoor trails, biking areas, camping, canoeing and other outdoor experiences that includes Tame the Terrain in Muscatatuck Park

  • "The Solar City” - celebrating environmental stewardship,cost control and quality of life through the implementation of solar technology throughout our city

  • A state of the art 18 hole golf course with challenging, undulating greens and newlyreconstructed holes on the back nine that alsoincludes a perfect spot to host your next event.

  • A brand new city pool with a lazy river, slide,splash pad and many other features for thewhole family to be opened in 2019

  • Our city park, located in the heart of our community, hosts several outdoor sporting events throughout the year and home to our local farmer’s market

  • Yearly events include: Cruise In, 4th of July Celebration andChristmas in the City (first Saturday in December).

  • Many unique places to eat. Enjoy your favorite specialtycoffee. Several events centers close by."

We are growing. We are transforming.  We are exciting to behold.  A perfect place to raise a family and enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle .

For more information you can check out some recent videos launched through our Mayor's Office.

We are excited to meet you!