Easter Egg Hunt, Many Left with Basket Full of Goodies


As I made my way through the crowd post egg hunt, kids were spread out throughout the sports complex, seated in their circles with their findings spread out all around them. Some had their family and friends around. Some had grandparents, moms, and dads assisting them with their eggs. There was so much excitement to find the surprises in the eggs. There indeed were sounds of glee and laughter all around. As I made my way to the bicycle give-a-way, their smiles and sounds were more prominent and louder. Those who found out their name were chosen instantly hoped on their bike and began pedaling forward with a bit of wonder.

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Gearing Up for the Hunt

While the event's success is for the parents, grandparents, and kiddos to make memories together for a short window of time and leave with full baskets, there is another measure of goodness happening in the background. There is a coordination of many who volunteer their time and energy doing various behind-the-scenes tasks that often go unnoticed. You will never hear of their efforts. Their time is led with a heart to serve truly. But I was able to get more familiar with this event this year and got to hear more about what makes it go.  

  • Many spend hours filling over 8,000 eggs.
  • Bikes purchased and donated by community organizations, businesses, and leaders.
  • Some make time to seek the contribution to ensure there are as many bikes as we can get.
  • Others are busy coordinating all of the moving parts. 
  • Many are needed to help spread out the eggs bright and early Saturday morning and assist in running the event.
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This event was a beautiful orchestration of love, beauty, strength, and family that I attempted to capture with images.

While my intent in writing the blog post was initially to put the spotlight on the kids and their beautiful, bright spirits, I was captivated by the love I got see expressed from beginning to end. That, to me, is the ultimate measure of success for this event.

Our community shined brightly in all aspects that day, every one of you who had a part. Thank you to Kiwanis, Denny Hatton, to every bike donor, Parks and Recreation, to every volunteer that isn't mentioned here and to every community member who participated that morning.

What a beautiful day it was to honor and celebrate the resurrection of the ultimate creator of each one of us and family, Jesus.

Full array of images and video can be found on our Facebook page.

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2022 NVPR Easter Egg Hunt