New Street Superintendent



    The City of North Vernon is pleased to announce that Garrie Ritchie has accepted the call to fill the Street Superintendent role. We have been blessed in our street department for the last 34 years to have had Rick Marksberry faithfully serving in our street department, 24 years of that as Street Superintendent, and Melvin, who has served 26 years for our city. Both of which, in recent months, decided to retire.

   Rick and Melvin have left a legacy by creating a hard-working, team-oriented environment. One where everyone jumps in to help at a moment's notice with great attitudes. We will forever be grateful and appreciative of the time each of these men served our city.   
It was then that Mayor Mike Ochs sought Garrie Ritchie to consider fulfilling the role of street superintendent. Garrie has worked in the Wastewater Department for seven years and has proven he has the needed skill set for the job at hand.

Mayor Ochs went on to say, "I've known Garrie for a very long time. Garrie has always been able to accomplish whatever he sets his mind to. He has never been one to disappoint. I'm very pleased to have him in this role."

   He was asked to help lead with our most recent Christmas in the City event preparations. Our street department is one of our primary resources that helps dress the city up in all of the lights and glamour two months before the event, and this year was no exception.  With our newest addition of the umbrella sky, Garrie jumped in, applying his knowledge to help make this exhibit come to life, one of which many got to experience.

   Garrie has been a lifelong resident of Jennings County. At age 14, he mowed half of Hayden's lawn, starting his work experience at a young age. Having worked in the hardware industry for several years, Garrie decided to open his appliance and repair shop, "Garrie's Appliance Sales and Service." Having run that successfully from 1995 to 2016, he chose to shift gears and came back to work in the Wastewater Department for the City of North Vernon in 2017.

   Garrie's extensive knowledge, work ethic, and character are Mayor Ochs's primary considerations to have extended this offer to him. Garrie officially accepted and started the role on March 1st, 2022.

   Garrie stated, "I can't say enough about the street department workers in my transition to this department. They each have the heart to work hard and jump in where needed. It is truly a team atmosphere and is one of the main reasons that helped me decide to take this role. I enjoy their attitude and work ethic. I enjoy being a part of this team."

To that, we say congratulations, Garrie, on your new role!