City Event Coordinator Role Filled

New City Event Coordinator Role Filled

The City of North Vernon is pleased to announce Tanya Burnette has filled our newest role of City Event Coordinator.  Having lived and worked in Jennings County most of her life, Tanya’s knowledge of our community and relationships with our citizens is extensive.  Her love and connection with the people of Jennings County have played a significant role in the successes of events she has managed over the last five years.  Tanya has demonstrated her ability to fulfill this role by leading one of our more significant events, Christmas in the City, as well as The Solar City Flag Raising Ceremony and also participated in Sweet Street and other events in community.

Mayor Mike Ochs stated, "I'm excited to see this role filled because it will help the city come alive."

She will continue working as the Mayor’s Assistant but now has the added responsibilities as City Event Coordinator.

My vision for this role is to focus on events that strengthen relationships with family and friends, both old and new, by providing fun opportunities that build community engagement.  What I have loved most about Christmas in the City is the joy visible everywhereWhen you look around, you see children, teenagers, and adults alike interacting with each other, truly present in the moment, enjoying themselves without being glued to cell phones.  Our people are vital in defining our uniqueness, and I want to help steward that through the event coordinator role,” said Tanya regarding her new role.

Now that the position is official, Tanya’s next step will be defining what the remainder of the year will look like to bring her vision alive.  The City of North Vernon officially filled the role on Monday, February 28th, with a 5-0 vote during the City Council meeting.  We look forward to seeing what the future holds with this new role and vision.