Downtown Building Acquirement Press Release

Harmon Construction Acquires Former Old National/PNC Bank Building in Downtown North Vernon, Indiana for Corporate Headquarters

Press Release

Jennings County Economic Development Commission

May 22, 2024

Harmon Construction, a family-owned company established in 1955, proudly announces the acquisition of the historic Old National/PNC Bank Building in downtown North Vernon, Indiana. This acquisition marks a significant commitment by the Harmon family to honor and preserve the rich heritage of the company which is now beginning its third generation of corporate and civic leadership.  Harmon Construction, Inc. provides across the Midwest and beyond a wide variety of contracting services including general contracting, construction management, and pre-construction services, and is a self-perform trade contractor.  

The acquisition of the iconic bank building reflects Harmon’s dedication to community stewardship. Built in 1888, has stood as a symbol of North Vernon, Indiana’s architectural and cultural heritage for generations. With this acquisition, Harmon Construction reaffirms its pledge to honor and celebrate the history of the downtown.

"We are thrilled to announce the acquisition of the downtown location, which represents not only a significant investment in our company's future, but also a deep commitment to the revitalization of our community's downtown district," said Willie Harmon, President of the Harmon Group. "By preserving this iconic landmark, we aim to honor the rich history of North Vernon, Indiana while also creating a vibrant and sustainable future for generations to come."

The bank building will serve as Harmon Construction's new corporate headquarters, providing a fitting backdrop for the company's continued growth and success. With its distinctive architecture and prime location, the building will not only serve as a hub for Harmon's operations but also as a catalyst for economic revitalization in the surrounding area.

Mayor Gerkin expressed his enthusiasm for the Harmon family's decision to relocate their headquarters downtown, highlighting the significance of this move for the community. "I had the opportunity to meet with the Harmon family to discuss their goal to relocate downtown on January 2nd, my first full day in office, and the project became immediately a priority to me," stated Mayor Gerkin. "Having a local company with the respect and reputation of the Harmons is another great cornerstone for downtown North Vernon. I'm excited that we were able to work together to get this done."

As part of the acquisition, Harmon plans to implement a comprehensive renovation program to ensure that the building retains its charm while meeting the needs of a modern corporate environment. This renovation effort will include specific renovation plans or restoration initiatives, preserving the building's unique character and architectural integrity. 

The Jennings County Economic Development Commission Executive Director Kathy Ertel stated that Mayor Gerkin and the Harmons worked closely together, along with building owner Steve Gasper, to develop this significant project in a short amount of time and thanked them for their vision in the redevelopment of this anchor property in downtown.

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