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OVWI stop, foot chase leads to arrest

             On 07/10/2021, at 2:25 AM, officers with the North Vernon Police Department chased and caught a suspected drunk driver after a traffic stop in the parking lot of the Circle K Shell Gas Station on North State Street in North Vernon.

             The event began when Officer Michael Holliday observed a red Chevrolet Cavalier fail to dim it’s high beam head lamps for on coming traffic. Officer Holliday stopped the car and interviewed the driver. During this initial contact Officer Holliday noticed signs that the driver, Edward Eugene Brown, III, 24, of Greensburg IN, appeared impaired.

             Officer Holliday directed Brown to exit his vehicle. Brown complied but then attempted to run from the officers north into the KFC parking lot. Officer Lucas Newsom, Officer Adam Jackson and Officer Austin Grunden had arrived on scene and assisted in catching the fleeing Brown.

             Once back in custody, Brown began giving false information regarding both his name and birthday. His true identity was eventually determined. Officer Holliday also found out that Brown is currently on home detention with Jackson / Jennings Community corrections and was supposed to be at his place of work at the time of the incident and failed to report to his detention officer he wasn’t at work. Officer Holliday also learned this is Brown’s third felony OVWI charge. Brown was transported and incarcerated at the Jennings County Jail.

brown mug photo 

Charging information:
Edward Eugene Brown, III, 24, Greensburg IN

  1. Operating while intoxicated with a prior conviction within 5 years - Level 6 felony
  2. Driving while license suspended  - A misd.
  3. Resisting law enforcement -  A misd.
  4. False informing -  B misd.

*All arrested persons are innocent until proven guilty in court.*


For more information contact:
Sergeant Andrew Richmond

North Vernon Police Department
News Release
Pursuit leads to arrest

             At shortly before 8:46 PM on Thursday, July 08, 2021, officers with the North Vernon Police Department witnessed a Toyota pickup truck being driven recklessly while going northbound on State Road 7 in the area of the north split.

             Officer Adam Driver witnessed the truck driving faster than other traffic with it’s hazard lights flashing. The vehicle almost caused another vehicle it passed to crash. Officer Driver activated his emergency lights and siren and caught up to the vehicle. Officer Driver recorded speeds at about 85 mph on State Road 7. After catching up to the truck and attempting to signal it to stop the driver began to waive an obscene finger gesture out of the window at Officer Driver.

             Officer Driver continued to pursue the truck and requested assistance from other officers. Jennings County Sheriff’s Deputy Garret Hoppock was able to deploy a tire deflating device at County Road 500 N. The suspect vehicle struck the device.

             The vehicle’s tires were disabled and stopped just before county Road 800 N. Officer Adam Driver and K9/ Officer Shane Trepanier were assisted by deputies Hoppock, Morgan Gabbard and Sergeant Doug Brown. The driver was taken into custody and initially gave a false. She was soon identified as Cara Ross, 49, of Madison Indiana.

             It was determined through the investigation that ross was not intoxicated. She was transported to the Jennings County Jail.

             The North Vernon Police Department would like to recognize the teamwork and assistance of the Jennings County Deputies involved.


Charging information:
Cara Ross, 49, Madison

  1. Resisting Law Enforcement ( in a vehicle) -  Level 6 felony
  2. Reckless Driving  - A misdemeanor
  3. Criminal Recklessness ( with a vehicle ) - Level 6 felony


  • All arrested persons are innocent until proven guilty in court.

For further information contact:
Sergeant Andrew Richmond

North Vernon Police Department
News Release
Robbery Arrest

             On Monday, 05/26/2021, Detectives with the North Vernon Police Department were assisted by deputies with the Jennings County Sheriff’s Department with making an arrest for an early robbery that occurred in North Vernon.

             The arrest stemmed from a robbery that occurred on the evening of April 19th at the Sunoco Gas Station. The event reported that a white male wearing a mask had entered the store, displayed a handgun and demanded cash. After receiving an unspecified amount of money the suspect left the store.

             Early this morning, Deputy Ian McPherson with the Jennings County Sheriff’s Department received confidential information naming a possible suspect in the robbery. McPherson contacted Detectives Ivory Sandefur and Nick Megel with the North Vernon City Police. The team went to an address in Country Squire Lakes and interviewed Nicholas Payne, 19. During the interview Payne admitted to being the suspect and recounted details of the event that matched the original report.

             Payne was arrested and taken to the Jennings County Jail. Det. Megel stated, “ This is an example of both departments working for the greater good of the community.”

             Charging information:

Nicholas Payne, 19, North Vernon

  1. Robbery ( aggravated – armed with a deadly weapon ) Level 2 felony
N.Payne mug photo

Nicholas Payne - Mug Shot