Garbarge Collection Routes

Garbage Collection Schedule & Routes

Monday Collection:
Alley Behind House of Spritis
Senior Housing
Meadow Lane
North Elm
Shull Park
Alley Dupont State Bank
Alley Behind Great Care
Police Station
Behind Auto Electric
Old Kreutzjans Building
Jennings Street
Alley Quad City
Alley Park Place Apartments
Alley Behind St. Mary's
City Street
2ND Street
3RD Street
                       Sumit (Over to 5th)
                       4TH & 5TH Street

Tuesday Collection:

5TH,6TH,7TH Street
Alley Between 6th and 7th
Hoosier Street

East O & M
Alley Between Railroad Avenue and Highway 50
Terrace Court
Jackson Street
Jennings Street
Hare Lane
South State
Greensburg Street
David Drive
Alley Behind Dave and Sharp
Alley Across From Country Club
Flintwood East and West
Smith Street
High Street
Laurell Street
Hicks Street
North Gum Street
Johnson Street
New Street
Popular Street
Roger Lane

Wednesday Collection:

Alley Behind Sawyer Pickett
South State Street
Park Avenue
Meloy Street
Lincoln Street
Margaret Street
Alley Behind Kelly's Green House
Oak Street
South Gum Street
Norris Avenue
Sunny Side Drive
White Street
Alley Behind the Mini Park
Quaker Hills
North Avenue
West College
South Elm
West Walnut Left Side (going towards high school)
Norris Avenue Right Side (going towards North Vernon)
Shadeland Avenue
South Monroe
Spring Heights

Thursday Collection:

Alley Behind Hall Heating
Platter Drive
Durbin Street
Bowden Trailer Park
Gilbert Street
Oakridge Street
Long Street
Woodside Street
Davis Street
Alley Behind Edgewood and Highway 50
Alley Between Popular and Highway 50
Alley Between Popular and Gum
North Gum
Norris Avenue Going to Diekhoff (right side)
Road by Old Erik K (first house on left side)
Road Across Erik "K" All the Way to 300N
West Main Street

Friday Collection:

City Park
West Hightway 50
Noon Drive
Hayden Pike
Alley Between Edgewood and Hayden Pick
Highway 7
Totten's Trailer Park
Veterans DDR
Hickory Manor Trailer Park
Jason Way
Middle School Road (Woodfield Court, Daniel Drive, Barlow Drive)
Persimmon Trace
Hurley Drive
Benny Lane
Wheller Lane
Dallas Drive
200 West