Vehicle Fleet

Fire Station Vehicle Fleet

This is a little behind the scenes of the various vehicles in our fleet to help serve you.  We want you to become familar with your fire support and protection.  Each vehicle has a vital purpose in serving the needs of our community.

Station 62
Station 62 is our department headquarters located on the north side of town, just down a bit from Walmart.  This station houses our entire vehicle fleet and staff.  This has been our home for 34 years, built in 1986.

Engine 62
Engine 62, 2013 Spartan Rosenbauer,  1500 gpm pump (gallons per minute) and 1000 gallon tank.  62 is also equipped as an Advanced Life Support (Non-transport) Unit


Tower 62
Tower 62, 1996 E-One Hurricane, 95 ft. Aerial Platform, 1500 gpm pump and 500 gallon tank; Equipped as Basic Life Support (Non-transport) Unit

Truck 61
Truck 61 – 2004 E-One Cyclone, 75 ft. aerial ladder, 2000     gpm pump and 500 gallon tank; Equipped as Basic Life Support (Non-transport) Unit      

Enging 64
Engine 64 – 2006 E-One Freightliner, 1250 gpm pump and 750 tank; Equipped as Basic Life Support (Non-transport) Unit
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Tanker 63
Tanker 63 – 2009 Midwest Freightliner, 750 gpm pump and 3000 gallon tank; Equipped as Basic Life Support (Non-transport) Unit

Brush 65
Brush 65 – 2012 F-550, 200 gpm pump and 300 gallon tank

Rescue 61

Rescue 61 – 1997 Freightliner, Medium Duty Rescue


Command 62
Command 62 – 1998 Chevy van                                                                                                           


UTV – Used during the fair and places with high occupancy for rapid response in crowds


Command 61

Command 61 – 2014 Chevy Silverado